Section Element

The Section widget is used to create multi-columns within a layout/zone part. You can easily drag a Section Widget to your zone. As a default, you will get a section with two columns. 

Section Settings

To access the section settings, you can hover on the columns’ frame then click on the related tune icon to open its options.

A new panel on the right will open with the list of settings showing the content width, columns gap, and height options.

Content Width 

Stax allows you to set a defined width for the content section: from either FullWidth or Boxed width. For Boxed width you can enter a custom size of your choice in px.

Columns Gap

You can set the section to either have a column gap or not. Select from either (Default, No gap, Narrow, Extended, Wide, Wider or Custom).


Under “Height” settings, you can set either Default or Min Height. For min height, enter a custom size for the header and choose a column position among full height, top, middle or bottom.