Side Menu Widget

The Side Menu widget is used to display a set of menu items and other stax elements within your site in a modal display. This is commonly used for mobile version websites to help in responsiveness options.  Just like the normal menu, it comes with more options for menu settings, style, and layout apart from those available in your theme or widget area. With Stax it gives you the ability to insert a menu anywhere in your header or section layout. 

Adding a Side Menu Widget

To add the side menu element to a section or a header:

  • Click on the Elements icon on the top right corner panel.
  • Drag the side menu element to header/section layout. You can choose where to drop the element by following the pink line and releasing it there.

Side Menu Widget Settings

Under the menu options you can first select the trigger icon for the menu to display on your page. You can then set the size of the menu in pixels. Next you can opt to choose between the left and right side menu positions. This is where the menu items will display. Upon choosing you can add several elements too in the side menu.

Side Menu Styling

Under the styling section you can alter the layout settings such as padding margin and border radius of the side menu modal display. Next you can add a shadow effect by adjusting the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) positions then changing the blur and spread values to match your preferred look.

After that choose a background color and select a border type (solid, double, dotted, dashed) then select the border’s color.