Customize Stax editor

The Stax Editor allows you to change some default options like theme and preset colors for color picker.


Under this option you can opt to select the different Stax themes which are two namely, light and dark themes. By default the light theme is used but users can always change it to dark mode. This applies to the entire editor’s user interface.

To change theme:

  • Open the Stax settings panel.
  • Choose one of your preferred themes from the dropdown list

Preset colors

When using a color palette more often it is advisable to save it as a color preset for color picker. By setting up color presets you can save a lot of time in the long run while designing. This will allow you to very quickly pick and choose your colors while setting up your header sections.

To change preset colors:

  • From the panel settings go to preset colors section

Now, colors chosen from the previous step are easily accessible form color picker and are available on every element you need to customize.