Cover Image (Pro)

Renders the cover image to the Member directory

Styling the Cover Image

Set as Background

Sets the cover image as the background to the section.Image Position: Specifies the positioning of the image with reference to the top, bottom, left, and right properties.

Image repeat

Determines if/how a background image will be repeated.

Image Size

Defines the space occupied by the cover image.


Sets the height occupied by the cover image.

Image blur

This setting removes emphasis from the finer details on the cover image and instead conveys the overall nuance of the cover image.

Border Type

Sets the line style of the cover image.

Border Width

Specifies the width of the line style or rather border on the cover image.

Border Color

Sets the color to the border.

Border Radius

Defines the radius of the cover image’ corners.

Box Shadow

Specifies the shadow attached to the Cover Image.


Specifies a color or gradient coating over the cover image.