The action widget will simply display buttons that are basically call-to-action links that prompt a member to either join or leave a group. Users can also request membership through these buttons, if the group is private or if it has some restrictions.

Styling the Action Widget


There are several general styling options you can alter, 

  • Alignment:- Allows you to set the position of the action buttons
  • Display:- You can choose the display style from either (inline, or block) style within the site
  • Spacing:- Adjust the spacing between the buttons of the action widget with horizontal spacing and vertical spacing.
  • Typography:- Change the font aspects of the text used in the buttons element.
  • Color Text:- Under the Normal and Hover modes you can change the Text color, BG color and Box shadow. 
  • Border:- Additionally you can select a Border Type, and add a border radius to make the buttons rounded then add some padding.

Individual Buttons (Join Group, Leave Group, Request Membership, Request Sent)

You can then proceed to style individual buttons by changing the text color, background color, border color and the box shadow. All these options are the same in all the individual buttons provided and can be set in both Normal and Hover modes.