Importing Member Profile Starter template

Within this doc, we are going to focus on importing the pre-built member profile template and how to apply the template to your member profiles.

You can have the starter template import while using either the Free or BuddyBuilder PRO plugin.

Note: You can quickly import all the starter templates with a single click from the BuddyBuilder settings page.

To import the starter member template, you will need to carry out the following:

  • Navigate to the BuddyBuilder section within the dashboard:
  • On the Member Profile template, click on the “Create new” link

  • Within the popup rendered, click on the “Insert” link to add the starter template

  • Click on the Settings section to specify a title for the template

      In our case here, we shall name it “Member starter” template

  • Publish the template


Once it is published it is already set as the default template to use. 

Visit the users section within your dashboard and try viewing one of the members’ profile