Group Leadership Widget

The leadership widget is used to display the owner of the group and other admins selected for the group. By default, groups leadership normally have two roles that help manage the group which are, the moderators and administrators.

Note: This widget is available only when building your Group page.

Styling the LeaderShip Widget

The styling of the widget involves four sections which are the Leadership Content, Moderator List, Titles and Avatars.

LeaderShip Content

Here you can alter the alignment, display mods (block, inline) and add some spacing between the two roles.

Moderators List

As for the moderators list styling it allows you to change the background color and padding of the leadership widget and then you can add a border type (solid) and set the border width in each of two two leadership roles.


When it comes to the “Titles” of the leadership widget one can change the styling in terms of the text typography. You can also add your suitable text color and add some spacing between the title and the avatars.


This section helps you style the avatars> here you can alter the border type as you wish, as well as adjust the image radius to either make it rounded or circular shaped. Lastly one can add spacing between the avatar to make it look neat and presentable.