Activity Content Widget

The content widget simply displays the post that you have written on the form widget. Within it will show the member’s profile picture, the time the post was updated, the text or content that has been updated, then below the avatar it will show different meta fields such as the “comments” “mark as favorite” and “delete” options.

Note: This widget is available only when building your Site-Wide activity page.

Styling the Content Widget

When it comes to the styling settings there is not much to it as you only need to style the “Activity Item Container”. It entails altering the background type either classic or gradient and choosing a color out of that. You can then proceed to add a box shadow, border type and set your border radius for the container.

Additionally you can add padding between the items and the container simply to maintain responsive design and then add spacing between the items or the activities posted.

PRO Tip: Have full control over the design and structure of the activity item with BuddyBuilder Pro