Menu Element

The Menu widget is used to display a set of navigation links within your site. It comes with more options for menu settings, style, and layout than the menu available in your theme or widget area. With Stax it gives you the ability to insert a menu anywhere in your header or section layout. 

Adding Menu Widget

To add the menu element to a section or a header:

  • Click on the Elements icon on the top right corner panel.
  • Drag the menu element to header/section layout. You can choose where to drop the element by following the pink line and releasing it there.

Menu Widget Settings

Under the menu options you can first select the menu you need to display on your header. Ensure you have created one under WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. You can then select the menu type you require from default, flex and burger menu.

From menu presets you would choose the style of menu you prefer. Next you can alter the menu text color and its background on both normal and hover states.

Menu Styling

From the style option you can alter the typography options as well. First set the alignment of the menu from either center, left or right. Under typography you can select the font family, set the font size and font weight. Next you would select the text transform, text style and enter the letter spacing size of the menu links.

Scrolling on the next setting it involves the layout settings where you can adjust the padding and margin size on all sides then add a border radius as well to make the menu rounded.

For the sub-menu styling options, you may add the container and item padding for better spacing and responsiveness

To style the menu color settings you can change it in both normal and hover states and also select a background.